About Don


First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank you for taking time out of your life to learn a little of mine. At a very young age, I had a strong sense of adventure and was fascinated with nature and wildlife. I am deeply grateful for the individuals that have taken the time to teach me their outdoor skills and/or share its wonders with me. I began photography as a child, watching my oldest brother dabble in his darkroom. I was amazed to see the imagines appear on the paper. It was then a very natural progression for me to combine photography with my love of the outdoors.

As photography grew into the digital age, I grew with it. Today, my work is 99% digital; it gives me freedom to experiment and try many different settings without accruing the cost of processing. Many that know me will tell you that it is rare to see me without my camera slung over my shoulder. For me it is all about being there at the right time. It is my pleasure to share these frames of moments that I have taken out of my adventures.